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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between MetalCoat F2 and ZR53?
They are both for paint protection for cars.  MF2 is less durable than ZR53, longevity is up to 6 months and it has no scratch resistance effect while ZR53 offers up to 3 years of protection. MF2 is more economical as a paint protection and is also a renovation production for ZR53 after 6 months or 1 year.  Also MF2 can be used as a second layer after ZR53 to add more durability and shine.

2. Can I apply Glasshield for interior windshield or glass parts? Will it provide antifogging?
No, on the contrary it may increase fogging.

3. Are Nasiol products “green” and “safe to use?
Yes, Nasiol products have REACH certificates which show they contain no toxic substances outlined by European Community.

4. What’s the main ingredient of Nasiol nano coating?
Nano scale sized SiO2 particles.

5. Are the products odour free?
Most of the products are solvent based, and they have odour in liquid form.  There is no odour after products are cured.

6. Does Glasshield prevent scratches from flying pebbles?
No, Glasshield only creates a very thin layer on the surface and does not protect the glass from scratches.

7. Do Nasiol products work on all kinds of surfaces?
There are countless kinds of surfaces in the world and our products could not possibly work on every one of them.  Read the product specifications and use the products only on surfaces specified. Also some surfaces might have been treated with other materials which our products do not work too well with.

8. It appears that sometimes the effect on some parts of the surface is not as good as the rest, why?
One possible reason is the that part of the surface was not clean enough during application.