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Personal Goods Nano Protection

Applicable for glass/screen, metal and plastic surface.

Usage areas include glasses, mobile phones, tablet, TV/monitors, watches and so forth. Offers scratch-resistance, water/stain-resistance and keeps the surface clean and easy to clean. Each application lasts for 12 months.

Please note that while our products provide a scratch-resistance function which enhances the surface hardness, we do not guarantee scratch-free results.

Will Nasiol nano-coating affect the appearance and hand feel of the treated surface?

Nasiol's mission is LOVE & PROTECT THE ORIGINAL. The product development concept is to maintain the original feeling of the item.

The coating is about 1/500 thick of a piece of human hair, which is not possible to see and hard to feel, but at the same time produces a variety of effects, such as water and oil resistance and hardness.

Water-repelling effect on lens

Product Test by Stone Ip

PerShine on Watch Tutorial

能使用於手錶錶面, 金屬及塑膠部分。用後表面保持清潔光亮, 加強金屬部分防刮花功能。不適用於上臘之皮帶, 而絨面皮可用 PerShoes 納米鍍膜。