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General tips on using nanocoating

1. Clean the surface before application.  For hard surfaces like glass and car body, stronglt suggest to clean with Nasiol Clean. For textile, just clean with regular detergents.

2. Make sure that the surface is 100% dry before application, otherwise it might lead to a translucent coating.

3. Apply adequate quantities of nanocoating products according to instructions.  Pay special attention to wood and stone surface, which requires a higher dosage of coating product.

4. Allow 24 hours for curing, for the products to perform best, do not test with waters during the curing period.

Tips on HomeWood

Wood surface requires a higher dosage of nanocoating products, around 40-60ml/m2, meaning that for the 150ml bottle, each square meter requires around 200 sprays.  Make sure enough quantity is applied and make sure there is at least 24-hour period of curing period.

Also HomeWood might not work on wooden surfaces treated with paint or other coatings as the product could not penetrate into the wood material.

Tips on Car Body Products like NL272, ZR53 and Metal Coat F2

Remember that for best result, the car body needs to be cleaned thoroughly and polished to remove any scratches and swirl marks.  Coating products themselves do not repair any damage, they only protect the car body from future impacts.