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Nasiol CabinCare is a powerful stain repellent solution that is formulated to deter harmful stain-causing substances from the surfaces of fabric seats and floors.

Nasiol CabinCare is designed to prevent dirt, liquid, and mold from penetrating the fabric, thus preventing staining and making cleaning a breeze. Nasiol Cabincare also maintains the appearance and breathability of all material.


Guards against spontaneous spills penetrating car seats.

Simple to apply; spray it and let it dry.

One application lasts up to 6 months.

Non-allergic and toxic free formula.


Upholsteries, carpets, door panel covers, headliners and convertible roofs of vehicles. Do not use on surfaces other than fabric like leather, interior trims, glass, stone, and wood. If wrongly used wipe down surface totally with a dry microfiber cloth.


Surfaces should be dry and free of any dust, stain, and other contamination. Application should be made in a shaded and well-ventilated area.

The product is sprayed approximately 80-100mL for a 1m². Spray with a standard Nasiol CabinCare bottle till the surface becomes slightly wet.

Surfaces which do not absorb product should be spread with a cloth slightly. Wait for 24 hours for drying and curing period. 

CabinCare Nano Protection for Car Fabric 500ml

HK$288.00 Regular Price
HK$268.00Sale Price