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More and more organizations in different industries are also using nano-coating to protect various surfaces to maintain and keep clean while reducing the cost and time of daily cleaning

Theme Parks

Local theme parks use a variety of Nasiol coating products on the surfaces of fun ride exhibits (such as canvas and metal), facilities in the park, etc., to keep them clean and bright, and make them easy to maintain.


Public Transportation

Public transportation vehicles are exposed to the elements every day, naturally, they need to be cleaned thoroughly. Nasiol Anti-GRM greatly improves the anti-fouling ability and makes cleaning fast and easy, While CleaRub 305 cut compound makes deep cleaning an easy task.

Currently, Light Rail is using Nasiol products in their day-to-day maintenance.


Five star hotels

They use Nasiol coatings to keep sanitary ware, glass and metal surfaces such as door locks and door handles bright and shiny. Also the coating makes them easy to clean, reduces scratches, and reduces maintenance costs.


Solar Panels

After application of nanocoating, the output power, which indicates the overall efficiency of the solar PV system, was increased by 15% more than the dusty panels and 5% more than the uncoated panels which were cleaned manually every day. 

Source: Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland

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Industrial and Commercial Supplies

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